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Fertility Success Stories

We have helped hundred of couples achieve their dreams of a healthy pregnancy. As soon as you contact us, your success becomes our goal!

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

, a 26 year old woman, had had 3 menstrual periods in her life before camsleepy babye to our office. She had to take estrogen and progesterone to maintain her female characteristics. Even on these hormones, she still had to have regular laser treatments to remove unwanted hair. Her doctor told her she needed to have these hormones until menopause age–with no hope for having babies from her own eggs –because she was born with def

ective ovaries. She discontinued the hormones, underwent our acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment plan. After 6 months she got her first period naturally without estrogen and progesterone! She got engaged while she was having continued treatments, and married after working with me for one and half years. At that time, she had fairly regular ovulatory periods. Within two years total, she got pregnant! and delivered a healthy baby girl. She resumed her treatment a year later to help establish her cycles again

after childbirth. This time, it took her less than a year to get pregnant again. Now she has two beautiful girls.

Alice, a 39 year old married actress, came to us when she lost her period for over a year and had FSH 120 with menopausal symptoms, emotional swings, hot flashes, night sweats. Initially, she just needed help sleeping and relief from the symptoms of menopause. With our treatment, she got her period back in 6 months. She tested her FSH, and it had dropped to 82. She continued acupuncture and herb for 9 months, observed her FSH dropped to 63, 52, 35, 28; her cycles were ranging from 35 to 40 days. BBT showed these were ovulatory periods. Her FSH went up over 30 when she was playing in a tragic movie. It took about a year total; she was thrilled when we told her she was pregnant! She delivered a girl. Two years after that, she was pregnant with a boy.

Rhonda, 38 years old, had endometriosis and had had a few surgeries to remove ovarian cysts with massive adhesions in her reproductive organs. Her fallopian tubes were blocked, and she had early and painful periods. She had acupuncture treatment and herbal formula for 6 months, got pregnant naturally.

Julie, at age brooklynn baby245, had never been pregnant. She had little early but regular cycle. She wanted to get pregnant, but she could not get any help from her gynecologist. After 3 months of treatment, we sent her to a lab and suggested she try IUI due to her cervical antibodies against her husband’s sperm. She got pregnant on the second IUI, following up with progesterone support during first trimester.

Helen, 39 years old, had three failed IVF and two failed donor egg IVF. She lived an hour away from our office. She was the CEO of a company, a very stressful job. She could only come once a week on Saturdays to accept we treatments. Within 6 months, she got pregnant naturally. Two years later, she resumed treatment, got pregnant a second time. She has a girl and a boy now.

Mandy, 42, came to me in tears. She went to see RE, was told she could not get any help from ART due to her poor ovarian reserve and high FSH. She had to do donor IVF to get pregnant. She followed our treatment plan, did acupuncture, herbs, and moxa, and got pregnant in 6 months.

Jessica, was 29 years old when her doctor referred her to our office after a failed IVF. She produced 24 eggs, only two fertilized, but none of them survived in the vitro dish 3 days afteIMG_6505r fertilization. We offered her a detox program, acupuncture and herbal dietary changes, as she was preparing for next IVF. It turned out she got pregnant in two months with our treatment, on her second natural cycle.

Qiu, 42 years old, flew to L.A. from Singapore for surrogacy due to her multiple uterine fibroids. She had a 17 year old daughter, was remarried, and wanted to have another child with her current hu
sband. She had done IVF to retrieve eggs, but it turned out there were no good quality eggs. She stayed in L.A. for 6 weeks, hbrooklynn babyad treatment 3/week, and achieved a healthy pregnancy with a surrogate.

Sarah, a 41 year old single woman using donor sperm, was able to get pregnant, but three pregnancies had ended in miscarriages before came to us. She had D&C for the last two miscarriages. She attempted IVF, found out that her uterine lining was too thin, less than 6 millimeter. She was referred by her RE. Her lining would not get more than 5.5 even with a high dosage of estrogen. She had treatment with us for two months, transferred one embryo, and got pregnant for full term.

Ginny, a 50+ year old woman, came to our office for menopause symptoms, poor sleep, low back and soreness in her knees. Within three months of treatment, she did not get her period back, but found out she was pregnant. She was thrilled that she could have another child 19 years after her second child.

Lisa had her first two daughters while in her 20s. During her second pregnancy, she wtwins in a basketas put on bed rest with early contractions. We helped her carry to full term, while alleviating pain in her hips. Several years later, she returned, having had emergency surgery to remove one of her ovaries and tubes due to a large cyst. She was having migraines and other problems with her cycles and had suffered a miscarriage. After several months of treatment, she discovered she was pregnant with twins, which she delivered at age 39.

There are many more successful cases of treatment conjuncted with RE, either IUI, IVF, donor sperm, egg freezing, and surrogacy.

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