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Fertility and Reproductive


“I was amazed at how knowledgeable Dr. Cai was in fertility and reproductive issues. The questions she asked me were so on point, and I related to all of the concerns she had about my fertility. I immediately trusted her and her care during my visits.

I had a series of acupuncture treatments before and after my first IVF attempt. They were amazing! The calmness and relaxation I felt leaving the treatment exceeded the feelings I have after a massage. I attribute this to the treatments having a physical and mental impact on me.

My first IVF treatment was a success! I strongly believe that Dr. was a significant contributor to that success. The minute I felt uncomfortable in my pregnancy, I rushed back to her! Her treatments immediately helped alleviate the pain. I made it through 40 weeks and definitely feel Dr. Cai helped me get there!” –Fabiola


“I have been seeing Dr. Cai for almost 7 years. I liked her from the first time I met her. I found her very knowledgeable and friendly. I actually first came to her for assistance with a cyst in my breast.  She resolved it. She has assisted me through two full-term pregnancies and two miscarriages, as well as a bout with shingles and mastitis. I have always found her to be helpful. I feel her treatments help my body and mind stay healthy and in balance, which no doubt helped me conceive and deliver two beautiful children.” – A.S.


“Dr. Cai was so kind and nurturing and offered so much information. I ended up doing insemination (without drugs)—this was Dr. Cai’s suggestion. I got pregnant with the first IUI attempt when combined with acupuncture before and after. The best part, though, was having Dr. Cai as a resource and support system. She is one of a kind.” – J.B.


“”I felt completely that I was in great hands. Because of Dr. Cai’s background, you don’t feel like you’re with someone who just knows Eastern medicine—you feel taken care of medically in every way. Even though other doctors had told me there was no chance I could get pregnant with one of my own eggs, I always left Dr. Cai’s office feeling positive and uplifted—she is so full of light.


“Dr. Cai told me which foods to eat and which to stay away from. Even though the western doctors warned me I was at high risk for gestational diabetes, I never got it while eating what Dr. Cai suggested–including walnuts, lots of cantaloupe and pineapple. When I got a cold, Dr. Cai gave me special herbs, which helped. Overall, I had a healthier pregnancy in my 40s that I did when I was in my 20s!– more comfortable, with fewer complications.” – K.T.

“After being told that my chances of carrying a baby to term were minimal and that I should consider an egg donor & in vitro, Dr. Cai gave me hope. Now I have a beautiful, healthy, and intelligent son: living proof that the Art of Wellness is a gift to so many families.” – Claudia

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